Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scarlet Has a Home

          As some of you may know, I have been working with the Delaware County SPCA.  I have been trying to help them find dogs a home, particularly dogs that are having a hard time being adopted.  A few months back I did an article on Scarlet, entitled Scarlet Needs a Home.  I got a great response for her, I had people tell me they were interested in giving her a home, but it just didn't happen.  I usually don't speak about my personal life on this blog.  This blog is meant to be an informative blog concerning dogs.  I am breaking that rule today.

          I could not believe Scarlet was having such a hard time getting adopted, she was friendly, playful, young, and house broken.  What more could you ask for in a dog you want to adopt.  Scarlet was just having no luck.  She was placed in a foster home with really great people to look after her.  I had asked how she was doing a few times, and the answer was always the same, Scarlet is doing great but still has no "forever" home.  I decided that enough was enough.  If no one else would adopt this great dog then I would.  I took my family over to meet Scarlet and they loved her at first sight.  Scarlet put on a show, hamming it up for everyone in the room.  We spoke with her foster family for a little while, and they just loved Scarlet.  They had other dogs and Scarlet was doing well being around them.  We decided to have Scarlet meet our two dogs.  I have mentioned them several times in other articles.  We have a black lab and a siberian husky.  So we set a date for the dogs to get together.  Scarlet met Frankie (the husky) first.  Frankie has got to be the most mellow dog I have ever had, so she was the logical choice to be the first to meet Scarlet.  They hit it off right away, there were no problems at all.  They seemed to become friends very quickly.  Now it was Jasmines turn.  Jasmine is a very uptight dog, I know labs are meant to be mellow, but Jasmine has a really bad case of separation anxiety and gets very nervous when meeting new dogs and people. I was a bit worried how this would turn out.  Jasmine met Scarlet, and it went well.  There were a few growls that came from Jasmine when Scarlet tried to play, but other than that it went very well.

         I went to the SPCA last Tuesday (May 3rd 2011) and filled out the paper work to adopt Scarlet.  I picked her up that night from her foster home.  The adjustment has gone much better than I anticipated.  Jasmine warmed up to Scarlet with in the first few hours.  It seems Scarlet is very good at making friends.  It has been a couple of days now, and though I swore i would never have more than 2 dogs at a time, I know this was the right thing to do.  Scarlet is fitting in wonderfully, I have even caught all three dogs sleeping together at night.  I think I was very lucky to be able to give Scarlet a good home.  I intend to keep her healthy and happy for as long as she is with us.

Nick Carreno


micah said...

She's a wonderful girl and I hope she makes you guys happy for many many years.

Kouture K said...

Congrats on a wonderful dog!! A very heart warming story :)