Thursday, May 26, 2011


          Let me introduce you all to Mailman.  He is this months featured dog from the Delaware county SPCA.  

         I met Mailman in the reception are of the Delco SPCA.  He was a very happy dog.  he was nothing but wags and licks from the first second I saw him.  I am writing about this wonderful pit bull because he is currently the longest resident of the SPCA having been there since February.  He came to them in very sad shape.  His collar was so tight that his skin had grown into it, and he was covered in tar.  He was not in very good shape, but as you can see by the pictures he has bounced back incredibly.  Now he just needs to find a loving home.

          Mailman is very people friendly,I should know, as I said he was all wags and licks when I first met him.  He has been showing some aggression toward other dogs. So I would recommend Mailman to a home that does not have other dogs.  They are working hard on helping him overcome this issue, and they are doing a wonderful job.  I have been told he has befriended another dog, and that is a big step for mailman.    If you are interested in adopting Mailman you can visit the Delaware County SPCA and ask for him by name or you can give his ID number which is 40465. If you have any questions feel free to call the Delaware County SPCA at 610-566-1370.  You can also check out their web site  I really hope one of you out there can find it in your heart to give this truly deserving dog a home.  He is in real need of someone who can keep him healthy and happy in a loving home.

Nick Carreno

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