Sunday, December 12, 2010

Review - PetCo Slow Feed Bowl

          This month I decided to do a review on a slow feed bowl. The Petco Slow Feed Bowl to be more precise. As you probably know I have a black lab, Jasmine. What you may not know is Jasmine is more pig than dog when it comes to food. She would eat so fast, and I do me fast, a cup and a half of food in less than 5 seconds fast, she would make herself sick. She was constantly vomiting after she ate. I know that's gross, but you are not the one that had to clean it up everyday, now that's gross! So I thought, what a great opportunity to do a review on something that may actually help Jasmine out.

          I purchased the PetCo Slow feed bowl at our local PetCo for $12.99, the ad for the bowl said it would help to slow rapid eating, discourage overeating, promote good digestion and help prevent over eating, it also boasts a non-skid bottom. as you can see from the picture below it looks like a normal dog bowl except for the dividers inside. I was concerned she would chew up these dividers in the bowl. I have fed Jasmine out of this bowl for about a month now, and the results are in!

          This slow feeder bowl is wonderful, it did everything it said it would do. It has slowed Jasmines eating from 5 seconds to about 5 min for the same cup and a half of food, She has stopped becoming sick all over my floors after eating, and she actually lost weight, though I am not sure if it is because of the bowl or because we are making her dog food here at home now. We started using the bowl right around the same time we began feeding her the home made dog food. The only thing that did not work to well was the non skid bottom. I don't think I can blame the makers of the slow feed bowl for that though. Anything containing food gets pushed along the floor until it comes in contact with a solid object, like a wall or a refrigerator, no matter what its made of or how non-skid the bottom is. As I have said I sometimes wonder if Jasmine was raised by pigs. Below you can see a before and after shot of the bowl. The picture on the left is the bowl new and unused the picture on the right is that same bowl almost a month later. As you can see there is not much difference. Jasmine did not chew up the dividers like I thought she might. This bowl has worked surprisingly well. I am glad I got it and I am very happy to give this bowl 4 tail wags out of 5.

          If your dog is a fast eater, I can not recommend this bowl enough. It works, it really will help your dog slow down and eat more naturally. I have included a link the video I took comparing the slow feed bowl with her old bowl so you can see the difference for yourself, We fed her one cup of food in her old bowl and one cup of food in the new slow feed bowl. It does seem like she is attacking the slow feed bowl, but what is really happening is she is trying to eat around the dividers and that is slowing her down. You can judge for yourself. In my opinion however, this bowl is a great for the speedy eaters, it will help to keep those fast eating furry friends healthy and happy.

 Slow feed bowl vs. old feeding bowl.

Thank you for reading, and watching.
Nick C

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