Saturday, December 4, 2010

Help Stop Abuse, Rescue a Dog

          Those of you who are regular readers know I am trying to spotlight an animal, or more specifically a canine charity once a month. The last one we did focused on service dogs. That page got a huge response, and I left it up for more than a month due to that response. This time, I decided to do something for a local charity. I decided to take a trip down to the Delaware County SPCA (Society for the Protection against Cruelty to Animals). I had been there quite a few years ago. I was amazed how dedicated the staff was at that time. That is one of the reasons they were the first local charity that came to mind. I was looking forward to visiting again and actually getting to see how things were run. If I thought the staff was dedicated the last time I was there, all I can say is they are more so now.
          Upon my arrival I was amazed at how crowded they were, there were a lot of people there looking to adopt an animal. The place had a new look from the last time I had been there. The kennel area was well lit and extremely clean. The staff busied themselves helping people, answering questions, caring for the dogs and setting up a Christmas tree near the front entrance, they were a busy bunch. I asked for Justina Calgiano who I had contacted earlier in the week, in order to let them know I was planning on spotlighting them in my blog. She came out and gave me the grand tour, she showed me the dog kennels and the cat room. She answered all my questions, she could not have been more helpful.

          The SPCA was started in 1911 for the purpose of providing watering troughs for working horses, it has changed with the times and needs of the community. They truly do wonderful work in helping abused animals, and providing a shelter for unwanted animals. They have been on their current property since the 1930's and have been helping animals throughout their existence. I was shocked at the number of animals that they find homes for. In an average month they will place about 180 animals, one third of them dogs, with people who will provide a loving home. Justina was nice enough to show me all the dogs, and sadly there is a section for dogs that are involved in abuse cases, they are well cared for now, but to look at them and see that they have been through some horrible abuse was heart breaking. It brought home the reality of what the SPCA really does.

          While I was there I got to meet a very special dog, her name is Bree Bree. She has been there for around 160 days, and she is in need of a home. I felt so bad, I would have taken her home if I didn't already have two dogs to care for. She is a young pit bull terrier. I think that a lot of people are immediately put off when they hear pit bull, which is a shame because Bree Bree is so friendly and energetic. I got to play with her and I took some photos (shown below). Taking these photos was no easy task, this dog loves to move a lot and is wonderfully playful! I am told 160 days is a long time for a dog to be there, and I would love to help find her a home. It is my hope that people will realize that pit bulls are not bad dogs, they are in fact extremely loyal and loving. I don't think you could do much better than Bree Bree here. If you already have a dog, it is important to bring your current dog along and let them have a few meetings with any dog you may be thinking of adopting, to ensure there will be no conflicts later. If you want to adopt Bree Bree you can head down to the Delaware county SPCA or drop them a line, they are located at 555 Sandy Bank Rd, in Media PA. Their number is 610-566-1370. They also have a great website where you can see all the animals up for adoption at If you want to adopt Bree Bree you can ask for her by name or give her ID number 35706. I am thinking of starting a separate page on my blog to feature dogs from the SPCA that may be having a hard time finding a good home.
                  I was surprised to learn that the SPCA does much more than provide shelter and homes for all kinds of animals. They also work with local food banks to provide pet food for low income families, so they will not have to give up their pets during hard times. This truly touched me because it is the hard times when we need our pets the most. They go into the schools to help educate the children about animals and strays, as well as how to spot abuse. Education is key, if people are educated, hopefully there will be less strays and abuse will be detected and stopped much sooner. They do everything, keeping a staff, running the facility, educating the public, helping animals of all kinds and in all situations, with only private donations, they are a non profit organization. Anything you can do, adoptions, foster care, volunteer, or monetary donations will do more to help than you may even realize. Again, they are located at 555 Sandy Bank Rd, Media, PA. Their number is 610-566-1370, and their website is You can make a donation by walking in, calling or using the pay pal button on their website, though I would recommend you give them a visit, you never know, you may go home with a brand new furry friend. I have some more pics here showing some other dogs that are in need of a loving home.

                 Thanks for reading, and remember, there are all kinds of furry friends in this world that need a home, and a loving person to keep them healthy and happy.
Nick C

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