Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Canine Human Connection

          I have written a few articles now, which I hope you have found informative as well as entertaining, and it has occurred to me that I have yet to write an article about the connection we humans seem to have with dogs. Where does the love and trust between humans and dogs come from? Did you know that a dogs jaws can deliver anywhere from 200 - 320 lbs. per square inch, depending on the breed, when they bite down? Yet how many times have you put your face and neck within striking distance of those fearsome canine jaws? I would wager, if your a dog owner, you do it all the time. Now that is trust if I ever saw it. So why do we trust them so much? I have a theory about this, and it goes like this. Dogs have been been with us ever since we humans have roamed the earth. Back then it would have most likely been wolves. Which, as we all know, is where all the dogs you see today originated.

          Dogs have helped us do so many things through the ages. Everything from herding to rescue, dogs have been there with us. I think it only fitting that our most loyal companions be given the credit they are due. Could we have gotten along with out dogs? Sure, but the road would have been much harder to travel without them. Even in today's technological world, dogs have their place. They were there with us on 9/11, helping to track down survivors, they are here with us now helping the disabled, they are still working our fields, on our farms and in our homes. They watch over us when we sleep and protect us from harm, whether it is your dog at home, a police dog, or even a dog patroling with a soldier on the front lines of a war zone, dogs have always been there, willing to sacrifice themselves for us. So the next time you pat your dog on the head, think of all the dogs that are helping us now and how many dogs have helped us humans over the ages, and ask yourself... Where would we be now without their help over centuries? So you see, when we put our faces and necks near a set of jaws that could do so much damage to us, I believe the trust is there with good reason, even if it has never crossed your mind, deep down, we all know our dog will be there for us.

          Thanks for reading, and remember, keep your furry family members healthy and happy... they deserve it.

Nick C

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